Coisbo Beer supports Movember – also for personal reasons.

Coisbo Beer supports Movember – also for personal reasons

The Danish micro-brewery Coisbo Beer supports the Movember campaign, which puts focus on cancer and male health. Therefore, the label on the popular Coisbo Beer, 5th Avenue has been added a nice moustache. This also means that Coisbo Beer donates 10% of the total sale on this particular beer from 14. October till 30. November for the Movember campaign.

”We believe it is important to make a difference and support male health in general,” says Anders Coisbo, owner and brewer. But behind the wish to support the Movember campaign is also a personal story.

Anders Coisbo and head of sales Thomas Knudsen came up with the idea to support the Movember campaign as they have two common friends, who have been diagnosed with cancer. Their close friend, Janus Woller, had stage four lymphoma and after two years of sickness, he was cured. “Besides being a really good friend, Janus has also been a part of Coisbo Beer right from the beginning. Janus has supported me in my dream to become a brewer, all the while he himself was struggling with a deadly decease. I admire his way of handling such a difficult decease and it is amazing that he today is completely cured. Actually, Janus is still part of Coisbo Beer, as he is always helping out with fairs and events.

Due to Janus’ situation, it was an obvious choice that Coisbo Beer should support Movember, as they focus on cancer and male health,” says Anders Coisbo. fortæller Anders Coisbo.

Janus Woller is very happy that his two friends have chosen to support the Movember campaign and he is also very honest about the fact that his two friends and Coisbo Beer were very important to him during his struggle with the cancer.

“Coisbo Beer and the good social relations we have gave me strength and support through this ordeal. It was nice having something to get up for and something where I could contribute in spite of my situation. This was a break from the cancer. And that Coisbo Beer has decided to support the fight against cancer is just great. I am very grateful for this,” informs Janus Woller.

Most Danes know more than one person who has or have had cancer. Another close friend of Anders and Thomas was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which along with prostate cancer is the two forms of cancer, which Movember is focusing on. This friend has also been cured, and according to Anders this means that there is something to fight for and that it will make a difference if we all help putting focus on cancer and funding for research in order to cure even more people.

“I have seen first-hand what cancer does to people and it hurts watching people you care about struggle with this horrible decease. But I am convinced that we can all make a difference – it is not all that difficult,”/em> ends Anders Coisbo<


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