We are also brewing for Falsled Kro – a very prestigious Danish inn

We are also brewing for Falsled Kro – a very prestigious Danish inn.


For Per Hallundbæk from Falsled Kro it has, for a long time, been a dream to be able to serve their own beer – if not home brew, then at least to be able to have a say about the taste of the beer and the be a part of the tasting process. This dream became a reality together with Coisbo Beer.

The result of the cooperation is two delicious beers. About No. 1 per Hallundbæk says:

“We have been dreaming about making our own beer for years. Our large tea garden produces a wide variety of herbs for our tea card as well as the dessert menu. So why not use them to make beer as well? Therefore, we have produced our first beer along with Coisbo Beer. The beer is aromatic with an extract of essential oils from herbs along with light citrus aromas. The idea was to create a drinkable, feminine and fermented beer with citrus notes”

No. 1 can be drunk on its own or accompany light fish dishes. For mussels steamed in this beer, for a good herring and, last but not least, this beer is perfect for sushi as well as marinated fish.

No. 2 is ale with floral notes. The beer is brewed by Anders Coisbo in a corner of Ørbæk Bryggeri and aromatised with an extract of essential oils from blossoming elderflower harvested in the gardens around Falsled Kro. It is light and flowery but also a full-bodied ale with a delicate taste of hop. The beer is very suitable for light summer dishes with chicken and duck. It is also great with pork chops and perfect for tapas consisting of good hams and sausages.

“Funen, on a sunny day in June, with the yellow fields of rape and the blossoming elderflower, is a sight for sore eyes. So it was a natural choice to use the elderflowers from around the inn to nuance a slightly over fermented ale with the floral and aromatic elderflower.”


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